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Home ownership is the biggest investment most of us will make – Newton Inspections, Inc. helps you avoid costly surprises.

But, you may ask, how do we distinguish ourselves as a premier home inspection company?  The answer – quality assurance in our inspection process and effective communication.

  • We follow a methodical, established set of procedures for every home inspection.  Adhering to ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) standards, we evaluate all readily acessible systems and components of the home.  In addition, Newton Inspections, Inc. employs a quality assurance process that reexamines its entire inspection process on a regular basis to formally incorporate what we have learned through experiences and education.
  • In addition to a thorough process, a premier inspection provides effective communication of the gathered information – both orally and in the written report.  We encourage you to follow along with the inspection and to ask questions as it proceeds.  We recognize that many first-time buyers may feel embarrassed to ask questions that seem too simple – so we try to anticipate your questions and put you at ease so that you can gain a clearer understanding.  The report is prepared in a manner that captures the essence of the findings so that it is better understood by parties, such as your attorney, who may not have been at the inspection.

When you choose Newton Inspections, Inc., we arrive on time and your report is always delivered within 24 hours – almost always on the same day as the inspection.  Radon testing is available upon your request.  Inspections can be scheduled at your convenience – including evenings and weekends.

If you are looking for a comprehensive and useful understanding of your dream home, give us a call and Gravitate to Newton!



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